Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Joe Kubert: How to Draw From Life Book Review

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Joe Kubert: How to Draw From Life Book Review

About the Book: JOE KUBERT!...the legendary Hawkman, Tarzan, Enemy Ace, Batman, Sgt Rock artist and critically acclaimed graphic novelist of Tor, Abraham Stone, Fax From Sarajevo, Sgt Rock, and Yossel. In his new book, JOE KUBERT: How to Draw from Life, designed for more mature art students, professionals and enthusiasts, Kubert presents a wealth of his own drawings from nude models spanning his years as an artist and art instructor. This book is accompanied by Kubert's commentary on drawing from life. Subjects include gesture drawing, contour drawing, the figure in motion, short studies, long studies, drawing women, the figure in perspective, form and structure, anatomy, and lighting. This is surely the most significant How-To book from a major comics creator this year.

Our Take: I'm always looking for great how-to art books.  This one was done by legendary comic book great Joe Kubert.  The book gives some nice tips, but my favorite part was just the sketches by Kubert.  You get everything from pencil angles on the nudes to partially inked and partially watercoloured pieces.  Its really a sight to see these casual works by such a great artist.  I found the book to be very inspiring.

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