Sunday, November 6, 2011

The The Klutz Book of Animation: How to Make Your Own Stop Motion Movies Book Review

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The The Klutz Book of Animation: How to Make Your Own Stop Motion Movies Book Review

About the Book: The Klutz Book of Animation is a complete how-to treatment of stop-motion magic, from practical instruction to ready-to-shoot scripts. The software you’ll need is available as a free download, ready to use on any computer (PC or Mac). All you need to provide is a video camera, a computer, and a way to connect the two. Attached to the book is a piece of low-tech, non-toxic clay, ready to be molded into a million different heroes starring in your very own fantastic animated films.

Our Take: One of the great thing about modern technology is the ability to create your own movies.  I mean you can get an HD camera and a laptop and some nice software and go crazy!  When I was growing up I had a Klutz book that taught me how to they can teach me to animate?!  Seriously?!  This is the absolute best.  This book comes with a block of clay for the claymation bits and a wonderful page by page instruction with informative pics on how to do each animation process.  There is software for you to download that will assist you in producing your animation.   I can guarantee that my kids and I will be playing with this all winter!  This one would make a fantastic Xmas gift.

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