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Halloween Favorites In Plastic Book Review

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Halloween Favorites In Plastic Book Review

About the Book: Halloween plastics are one of the fastest growing areas for collectors. Items from the 1940s and the 1950s are quickly gaining value, now matching the prices brought in by papier-mch, metal, celluloid, and bisque items. This book gives an overall historic perspective of the Halloween collectibles field, 372 color pictures from many collections, has a price guide, and shows you how to judge plastics quality and tell old from new. Plastics collectors have needed a guide like this since many Halloween collectibles made in Hong Kong and China tend to be confusing.

Our Take: We love to feature various collector books here on the Legion, because we ourselves are psycho collectors of everything from toys to antiques.  This book focuses on collecting the various plastic Halloween memorabilia that came out early to mid last century.  My wife and I actually collect this, but honestly our collection is limited to only about a dozen pieces, because they're rather expensive when we do come across them.  This book not only helped us to learn a lot of the history that we didn't know around what was made when and why, but helped us to identify a TON more pieces that are out there that we didn't even know existed!  Its a doubled-edged sword in that way, I suppose, but now I'm just more determined than ever to track 'em all down!  The book is very well layed out with hundreds of full color images and great info.  We highly recommend this one.

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