Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dolor: Chrissy Book II Review

Dolor: Chrissy Book II Review
Written by: Rick Florino
Art by: Kristel Lerman

Book Synopsis: Rob is having a really bad day.
After getting stood up by a date, he leaves the Dolor Mall during a blizzard. As he's walking into the storm, a car suddenly sideswipes him out of nowhere, speeding off and leaving him covered in blood. Awakening in the hospital, Rob finds out from Officer Caleb Taylor that he's in way more trouble than he thought. However, things get really strange once Rob's kidnapped from the hospital by someone too perfect and beautiful to trust?

Our Take: I've been into graphic novels my entire life.  Its a passion of mine, so when I see an indie book series out, like this Dolor, I stand up and take notice.

When I first see this book, the cover stands out with credibility as something taken very seriously by author Rick Florino.  When you delve into the book you're greated by a plethora of text.  I can pick up a comic and whip through it in five minutes, but not this book.  Its got so much dialogue and story that it really gives you your money's worth.  The look and feel really reminds me of the original Crow graphic novel, which was an independant masterpiece of it's era. 

The artwork by Kristel Lerman is fantastic.  Her pencils are crisp and stylized.  They aren't computer altered or touched, they're real and imperfect and thus perfect.  I'm an artist myself, so I'm very particular about such things and I was impressed.

This second book in the Dolor series is not only a fun read, but its a fantastic and twisted look into an entirely new world!  I highly recommend it.

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