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Bakelite in the Kitchen Book Review

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Bakelite in the Kitchen Book Review

About the Book: Popular in the 1930s and 1940s, Bakelite has again become a material of choice for many collectors, and this is the informative guide that Bakelite enthusiasts have been waiting for! Barbara E. Mauzy provides a definitive look at Bakelite with almost 600 full-color photographs of thousands of pieces, including their descriptions and values. More than 40 categories of kitchenware are presented in this appealing volume that covers gadgets, flatware, napkin rings, children's utensils, and even some non-kitchen examples too colorful and fun to miss. This is the one, indispensable source of information on dating, manufacturers, and designs that is an absolute must for the dealer, the collector, even the non-collector. This bigger, better second edition includes a fascinating new chapter on Bakelite restoration that will make your pieces look brand new!

Our Take: What is bakelite?  Many don't know.  We collect bakelite was one of the first widely-used plastics.  Vintage bakelite pieces are highly collectible.  This fantastic book narrows down the market to kitchenware.  The market is still very hot and its difficult to find much online about these pieces and what is out there.  This really helps you to identify and kind of take a mental picture of what types of pieces to look out for at estate and garage sales!

One of the great things about this book is that it teaches you how to re-polish and restore your bakelite pieces from start to finish!  Thats so immensely helpful.  It also has a ton of history on the plastic and is rather comprehensive with a ton of full color images.  The price guide seems to hold up to today's market.  I appreciated that they showcased some of the rarer items out there, as well.    A fantastic guide.

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