Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Clockwork Girl Hardcover Book Review

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The Clockwork Girl Hardcover Book Review

About the Book: Having sold more than 300,000 copies in a series of five comic books, The Clockwork Girl is now a luscious graphic novel. It’s a tale unlike any other, a journey into a faraway land where the Clockwork Girl lives—a ticking robot girl with mechanical limbs and a voice of her own. 

Against all odds, she finds companionship in Huxley, the amazing mutant circus boy who risks his life to be with her. Together they tackle questions like what man can feel that a machine or mutant can’t, what loneliness is, and what love is. 

But can a robot girl feel true love? Will this futuristic Romeo and Juliet survive the threats of their warring families?

Our Take: A picked-up a preview ashcan of Clockwork Girl when the comic was released.  I was immediately struck by the fantastic and innovative artwork.  I was next impressed by the charming story.  This hardcover book is a great way to collect this comic series!  There is an animated film coming out soon, so now is a great time to refresh yourself on this romantic and quirkly tale.  A must for any comic book fan.

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