Sunday, October 9, 2011

Superman Classic: Parasite City Book Review

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Superman Classic: Parasite City Book Review
About the Book: When the Parasite saps Superman’s powers, the weakened Man of Steel must defeat a new foe that uses the hero’s amazing abilities against him. Can Superman save the day before the Parasite attaches himself to Metropolis and drains the city dry?

Our Take: This book is the latest in a series of the 'Superman Classic' brand.  The artwork is all done on the computer, which definately gives it a clean and modern feel.  This story revolves around Superman facing off with legendary DC Comics villain Parasite.  After realizing he's outmatched Supes goes after a STAR Labs suit that keeps his energy from the Parasite and they engage in a great battle.  This is a fun read for kids and a great piece for any collector.

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