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Batman: The Unauthorized Collector's Guide Book Review

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Batman: The Unauthorized Collector's Guide

About the Book: With over 6000 items listed, this is the most comprehensive guide to Batman collectibles ever assembled between two covers. Nearly 300 color photographs accompany the informative articles and detailed price guide listings. Highlights include a Comics section which lists every comic book in which Batman has appeared from his debut in 1939 through to the end of 1997, plus a Figures section which lists all of the various Batman action figures. Covering everything from Artwork to Videos, and price ranges from 15 to $150,000, this book is a must for any Batfan or student of popular culture.

Our Take: We're HUGE Batman fans here at Book Legion.   In fact, we run Legions of Gotham, the largest Batman collector's site on the net!  Today we're reviewing the Unauthorized Batman Collector's Guide by Schiffer Books.  I've seen this book in antique malls for over a decade and I've flipped through it countless times.  I love these guide books..they certainly don't cover it all, but its a great grouping of product and imagery all in one place.  Before sites like Legions of Gotham...its all us collector's had!

This one is particularly focused on comic books.  I swear, half of it is comic book cover pics and guides.  This was published in 1998k, so it only goes through The Adventures of Batman and Robin for animation and Batman & Robin for film merchandise.  This is old school, which a lot of collector's prefer anyway. 

This guide starts out great..the first half with a ton of great pictures..then it degenerates to a haphazard listing of product.  I go there looking for a checklist, but instead get a line by line listing, which honestly becomes too jumbled when you look at it.  Its hard to get any good information out of it.   If you can search through it you can certainly learn a few things, but I really wish they'd taken more care on this section.

Overall, its a good, solid buy and is honestly one of the only Batman collector guides on the market!  Why, I don't know! 

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  1. Hi there - Thanks for reviewing my BATMAN Collectors Guide. It's a pleasant surprise to see a recent review for a book that's been out this long.

    All your comments and observations are well made. And there's a story behind why certain things ended up the way they did. If you would be interested I'd be more than happy to do an interview for Legions of Gotham (great site BTW) on how the book came to be, its rocky road to publication, and why it is (as far as I know) still the only Batman guide on the market.

    Once again thanks, for the review.

    Alan J. Porter
    Twitter: @alanjporter

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