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Guerilla Art Book w/ DVD Review

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Guerilla Art Book w/ DVD Review

About the Book: International street artists are currently conquering the art market, with auction houses, collectors, and galleries demanding top prices for their work. This book and DVD package features interviews with key artists including Banksy, Futura, Ramm:ell:zee, Os Gemeos, Invader, Barnstormers, WK Interact, Zevs, Blek le Rat, André, Noki, and Eine. Graffiti-inspired street art pioneers Futura, Ramm:ell:zee, and Blek le Rat discuss their own work, how street art was born out of the days of subway train graffiti, spraypainting and tagging, and how the new movement of street artists are doing things differently.

Filmed in New York, London, Paris, São Paulo, and Tokyo, the accompanying documentary shows the artists at work: Zevs practicing his 'Visual Kidnappings' of advertising billboards, Blek le Rat sticking up outsized stencils, Os Gemeos painting their lyrical, folklore-inspired murals; and Invader putting up his unique mosaic wall tile images.

Our Take: Guerilla Art is a great showcase of street art that has an accompanying DVD documentary.   The art featured is everything from the great Banksy to Futura and Invader!  The book isn't simply a showcase of images, but it also includes information.  The layout of the book is great and keeps your interest.

The DVD is attached to the cover of the book.  It wouldn't play in our DVD/VCR combination player, but it played in our Blu-Ray player just fine.  The documentary takes us on a journey through various street artists, complete with interviews and history.  It was informative and a lot of fun.

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