Thursday, May 6, 2010

Iron Man Week - Iron Man 2 Reusable Sticker Book

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 Iron Man Week - Iron Man 2 Reusable Sticker Book Review

About the Book: A full-color reusable sticker book full of activities, featuring all of your favorite characters from Iron Man 2, coming to theaters May 7, 2010!

Our Take: This new sticker book, produced for the new Iron Man 2 movie, features 75 reusable stickers.  The images are mostly style guide pics from the new film, but they cover everything from the Mark I to the Mark VI. 

I have to say that as a collector I love this book and as a parent its even better.  My kids get sticker books, stick the stickers and thats it.  What do you do then?  I'm dropping $7 on this damn thing, I want something more!  This sticker book features REUSABLE stickers.  Perfect! 

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  1. Stickers are great for a entertainment because they're simple to set up. One only has to fresh the space on the walls, peal back the safety part of the sticker and connect it with simple easy steps.

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