Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ink Bloom: Draw & Paint A Fantasy Adventure Book Review

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Ink Bloom: Draw & Paint A Fantasy Adventure Book Review

About the Book: Create an array of fantastic alien creatures, landscapes, ships and background elements while being entertained with the story of a strong female character and learning how illustration and story work hand in hand. Follow Hachi, a 17-year-old girl of Chinese-Japanese descent immediately following World War II, as she discovers herself and her innate powers while traveling to futuristic worlds, encountering new friends and terrible foes that will push her newfound powers to their limits.

Our Take: I'm an amateur artist that is always looking for a great tip on technique.  I have some formal training, but I'm mostly self-taught and I tend to learn best that way.  I came across this book called Ink Bloom.  Its from IMPACT books and comes with an accompanying CD. 

This book doesn't as much give you step by step instructions.  Its definately not for the beginning artist.  The intent is to provide those that already hold some decent art knowlege with some great tips and guideance while working on their stories.

I found Ink Bloom to be a lot of fun and rather helpful in a few ways, especially with some of the character perspective issues that I was encountering.  I recommend this for any artists that is looking for some inspiration.

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