Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Iron Man Week - Iron Man 2 Storybooks

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Iron Man 2: Iron Man vs. Whiplash & Iron Man 2: Iron Man Fights Back Book Reviews

About the Book: A vibrant and entertaining paperback storybook featuring all of your favorite characters from Iron Man 2, coming to theaters May 7, 2010!

Our Take: These two storybooks have a great cover presentation with pics from the movie.  Inside, they feature illustrations and some simple text that is good for kids up through first grade.

The artwork in 'Iron Man Fights Back' was done by Marcelo Matere.  His work is very nice, almost a mix of animated and comic styles and the coloring in photoshop came off well.  The only thing odd is the illustrations of Rhodes come off like Winston from the REAL Ghostbusters, lol. 

'Iron Man vs. Whiplash' features art by 'Scott Hepburn'.  I don't know Scott, but I wasn't impressed with the work in this one.  It almost felt rushed, like the project wasn't taken too seriously.  As a collector, I would prefer the art in 'Iron Man Fights Back', mind you your kids won't even notices its different!  Thats just my fanboy nerdiness.

Both of these rock n' roll!

How to Buy: Buy Iron Man vs. Whiplash and Iron Man Fights Back

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