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The Left Left Behind Book Review

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The Left Left Behind Book Review

About the Book: Hugo and Nebula award-winner Terry Bisson is best known for his short stories, which range from the southern sweetness of “Bears Discover Fire” to the alienated aliens of “They’re Made Out of Meat.” He is also a 1960’s New Left vet with a history of activism and an intact (if battered) radical ideology.

The Left Behind novels (about the so-called “Rapture” in which all the born-agains ascend straight to heaven) are among the bestselling Christian books in the US, describing in lurid detail the adventures of those “left behind” to battle the Anti-Christ. Put Bisson and the Born-Agains together, and what do you get? The Left Left Behind--a sardonic, merciless, tasteless, take-no-prisoners satire of the entire apocalyptic enterprise that spares no one--predatory preachers, goth lingerie, Pacifica radio, Indian casinos, gangsta rap, and even “art cars” at Burning Man.

Plus: "Special Relativity," a one-act drama that answers the question: When Albert Einstein, Paul Robeson, and J. Edgar Hoover are raised from the dead at an anti-Bush rally, which one wears the dress? As with all Outspoken Author books, there is a deep interview and autobiography: at length, in-depth, no-holds-barred and all-bets off: an extended tour though the mind and work, the history and politics of our Outspoken Author. Surprises are promised.

Our Take: I respect everyone's right to believe what they want.  Hey, whatever keeps the sheep interested in the sky cake, right?   Its when their beliefs are thrust upon me that I get annoyed.  One things we have to hear about incessantly is the rapture.  You know, that wonderful day that I wish would happen, when all the Christians just disappear in an instant.  Oh, dare to dream.

In the Left Left Behind we get a great novel of sarcasm and wit based on what happens to those left over after the rapture.  Author Terry Bisson does a wonderful job of not only making you laugh, but pointing out a few hilarous idiocies.   A truly fun read.

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