Friday, December 2, 2011

Action Figures of the 1980s Book Review

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Action Figures of the 1980s Book Review

About the Book: From G.I. Joe*t to Star Wars*t John Marshall has provided a thorough, informative, and entertaining look at the action figures produced during the 1980s. In over 430 superb color photographs, fans of the pocket-sized G.I. Joes, of movie and TV characters, of fantasy figures, He-Man, the Thunder Cats, super heroes, of those ever-popular quick change artists of the robot world--the Transformers, and even pro-wrestling fanatics will find figures here to warm their souls! Price listings are provided for every figure shown and for every known figure produced within a particular product line. Price ranges are provided both for figures that are mint-in-the-box and for those which, while running loose, have retained all of their accessories and lost none of their finish.

Our Take: This book was written before the internet really took over the world of collecting.  Back then there wasn't much for information and there certainly weren't any comprehensive collector websites yet to let us know what all is out there.  You honestly had to go on your own knowlege.  This book is evidence of that.  Author John Marshall basically hacks his way through 1980s toys with imcomplete information, missing toylines and rather misspelled words.  To me, this book is great, in that it shows what collecting was before the net.  This one makes a great coffee table book or something to read through in the restroom.   There are a ton of full color pictures and plenty of decent information in here, so its fun to casually flip through for a trip down memory lane.   This one isn't up to the usual high standards that Schiffer puts on their collecting books, but its still fun.

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