Friday, December 2, 2011

Beast Wars Transformers: The Unofficial Guide with Price Guide Book Review

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Beast Wars Transformers: The Unofficial Guide with Price Guide Book Review

About the Book: Both American and Japanese Beast Wars Transformer toys, popular from 1995 to the close of the millennium, are discussed and displayed in this all-encompassing guide. Robots from Armordillo and Cheetor to Megatron and Optimus Primal, are shown in over 870 color images. These shape-changing robots, both in their boxes and loose, are often displayed in multiple transformations of the figures. The development and distribution of Beast Wars characters and TV shows is provided, along with current market prices for the figures. This guide is a must for every Transformer and action figure collector, and for pop-culture enthusiasts everywhere.

Our Take: Schiffer books makes dozens of fantastic books for action figure collectors.  This guide features the Transformers: Beast Wars spinoff.  I remember the cartoon from the mid 1990s, as it was one of the first full CGI cartoons, but I had no idea that there was this much merchandise produced.  Between the Japanese and American items, which are both featured in great detail in this guide, there is a lot more than I expected.  This book would be really handy if you're a toy dealer and you want to identify items, or if you're a Transformers collector.  I cannot imagine not having an on-hand print guide like this if you collect.  This one is very informative, comprehensive and is a must-have!  It'd make a very nice Xmas gift!

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