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Bakelite Jewelry: Good * Better * Best Book Review

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Bakelite Jewelry: Good * Better * Best Book Review

About the Book: Bakelite jewelry was popular during The Depression because it was decorative, fun, and very affordable. Today, it is sought after and worn for the same reasons-except its affordability is rapidly changing. This book is designed to show off an extraordinary variety of this wonderfully colorful, always appealing, and sometimes startling jewelry, along with a sample of other objects through 420 color photos. It shows how to rate quality-good, better, best-and answers the many questions asked about Bakelite, from dealers' secrets to historical facts. The photos, the detailed information, and the indispensable price guide will provide beginner and connoisseur collector alike with all that is needed in the hunt for Bakelite.

Our Take: One of the coolest antique items to collect is Bakelite jewelry.   If you're not familiar, Bakelite is one of the early forms of plastic that was used.  The jewlery pieces are rather prolific, but you have to know what you're looking for.  This great guide from the late 1990s by Schiffer books and author Donna Wassertrom & Leslie Pina features tons of full-color pictures of the vintage jewelry that is out there.  This guide can help a collector or dealer familiarize themselves with what exists.  We have to rely on experts and guides like this, because there isn't any other type of record out there.  Books like this are absolutely priceless.  The price guide is over a decade old, so its not up to date, but the important aspect is truly the images and information.  This book is an absolute treat!

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