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The Bakelite Collection Book Review

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The Bakelite Collection Book Review

About the Book: You know you're hooked when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Is it a shortness of breath or a flush that comes to your face when you see it in a case at an antique mall, or on someone's arm as you stroll down the aisle shopping at an antiques show? Has someone caught you staring intently at their wrist or lapel and mistaken your focused gaze for some sign of familiarity? If any or all of the above symptoms or scenarios seem familiar to you, it's possible you may have it! Yes, it's all too true, you may indeed be suffering from...BAKELITE FEVER! The Bakelite Collection describes some of the many differing collecting preferences of some of the nation's most prolific appreciators of fine Bakelite jewelry. Men and women, doctors and lawyers, modernists and traditionalists alike have fallen prey to Bakelite fever. Their stories, experiences, lovingly assembled collections will delight every Bakelite collector. The Bakelite Collection showcases these fantastic jewelry arrays in luscious detail, using full color photography. A price guide makes it a truly valuable book for all sufferers of Bakelite Fever.

Our Take: We love collecting here at the Legion and no one does collecting guides better than Schiffer books!  This time, we're delving into more Bakelite collecting.  If you're not familiar, Bakelite is one of the original forms of plastic from the early 20th century.  This book, the Bakelite Collection book, features various ranges of what is out there for Bakelite and a sampling of each type of item from Jewelry to oddities.  The book shys away from covering some of the more prolific Bakelite items like the flatware.  If you are into Bakelite bangles, then this book will be your dream.  This hardcover book is a fun look inside the collections of some other Bakelite fans.  Its a nice way to enjoy a lot of pieces in one place and to further educate yourself about whats out there!  We highly recommend.

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