Friday, December 2, 2011

Mego Action Figure Toys Book Review

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Mego Action Figure Toys Book Review

About the Book: Toy action figures are tremendously popular collectibles, and many collectors argue that Mego is the premier maker. Super Heroes from comics, television and movie stories were made with interchangeable clothes, equipment and vehicles. In this new third edition of a classic collector's guide, all of these figures are shown with their original packaging in over 400 color photos, with newly updated values. Batman*r, Superman*r, Spiderman*r, Wonder Woman*r, Hulk*r, and the characters from Star Trek*r, The Dukes of Hazzard*r, The Wizard of Oz*r, Planet of the Apes*r, The Black Hole*r, Buck Rogers*r, Flash Gordon*r, and many more are included. Prototypes, never produced figures, and foreign exclusives join the regular production in this fun-filled reference.

Our Take: Schiffer books makes some great guides..and one of the most famous is the Mego: Action Figure Toys guide by John Bonavita.  This guide still stands today as the most comprehensive guide to Mego toys ever created.  If you're not familiar with should be!  They were the first extensive licensed action figures.  They were jointed dolls with fabric clothing and the licenses ranged from Dc and Marvel Super Heroes to Star Trek, Westerns, Planet of the Apes and just about anything else you could imagine from the 1960s-70s.  This book is an amazing record of foreign, rare, unproduced and produced product from Mego.  This handy guide is amazing to have for any fan of Mego, toy collectors, dealers and anything inbetween!    We cannot recommend this book enough.

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