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Facing Bipolar: The Young Adult's Guide to Dealing With Bipolar Disorder Book Review

Facing Bipolar: The Young Adult's Guide to Dealing With Bipolar Disorder Book Review

About the Book: When you travel to a new city, it helps to have a map close at hand. On the first day of school, you need to have your schedule of classes. And if you've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or suspect you may have it, then it's even more important to have a guidebook within reach.

Facing Bipolar will help you navigate the world of medications, therapists, and the up-and-down mood cycles common to the disorder. It clearly explains what bipolar disorder is and provides sound guidance for developing the necessary coping skills to manage its impact on your life.

Our Take: Bipolar is such a scary diagnosis. That is especially so if you are a young adult trying to find your way in this big, scary world.  This book targets that exact group of people.....the youth.  It starts out with definitions of depression, hypo-mania and full fledged mania.  The book also has a checklist and some criteria to see if you meet the clincal definition of being bipolar. Not only that, but they give you short stories from young adults that are in those states of mind.  After that the book goes into how to properly find a doctor or therapist, psychotherapy, medications, all the usual stuff you would expect in a book about an illness.  The book is very helpful to the newly diagnosed or someone who suspects they might be bipolar.

'Facing Bipolar' goes above and beyond in the way that it has loads of information, for that matter I would say the core of the book, on how to accept your diagnosis and build a semi-normal life inspite of it.  Alot of books give you the clinical information, but don't tell you how to accept it and how to live.  You are given this diagnosis and sent on your merry way. The young adult needs nothing more desperately than direction in a time like that, especially a young adult with bipolar disorder.   For that matter, I would say they need even more reassurance and assistance in this realm.  It would be wonderful to see more of a variety of books geared towards young people dealing with serious illnesses.

Now, I should notate that this book is really only for the young adult, say 18 or younger.  Anyone older than that won't be able to relate to it much.  All of the stories are geared towards high school students or young college students.  A mother, father or professional won't be able to relate much.  Naturally, all the clincal information is great and accurate, but if you got a diagnosis in your 20s or 30s, you may wish to search for another title.

-Review by Holly

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