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Revolting Youth: The Futher Journals of Nick Twisp Book Review

Revolting Youth: The Futher Journals of Nick Twisp Book Review

About the Book: The hilarious sequel to the cult favorite Youth in Revolt, now a major motion picture starring Michael Cera and Justin Long.

In the wry and subversive further journals of Nick Twisp, we reunite with America’s most literate teen diarist as he accidentally ignites criminal mayhem; seeks union with his love, Sheeni Saunders; and still has to live as a girl to avoid the police—an absolute must-read for all fans of the oddball humor of Youth in Revolt.

Our Take: Youth in Revolt was a fantastic book.  I was a bit behind on this one, but I did read it earlier this year.  We just recently reviewed it here on the Legion.  You can read that review HERE.  I definately found myself itching for more adventures from Nick Twisp, so I had to pick up the sequel, Revolting Youth.  The question with any sequel..does it live up to the original?

When we last left Nick, he had caused all sorts of trouble!  He's now back in school, but in hiding from the FBI for burning down half of Burkley!   He's now pursuing the love of his life, Sheeni Saunders, convinced that he needs to marry her to lock her in forever!  Never has a 14 year old gotten into more trouble than Nick. 

Nick chases Sheeni for marriage and in the process gets surgery to look like French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, almost kills his father in law with a gun and unleashes a horrible computer virus on the country.  This sequel is hilarious and will please any Nick Twisp fan.  You do need to read 'Youth in Revolt' before delving into this one, it sets up all of the character dynamics that are so masterfully exploited here by author C. D. Payne.

The Hollywood film of 'Youth in Revolt' that was released in 2009 barely made its production budget back, so I don't know if a big screen adaptation of 'Revolting Youth' will be in order, but it would certainly make a great candidate, and perhaps a better film even than 'Youth in Revolt'. 

Where to Buy: or the Broadway Books / Random House website

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