Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Obsessed With Star Wars Book Review

 Obsessed With Star Wars Book Review
About the Book: Even the most die-hard Star Wars fans will find themselves challenged by this entertaining new approach to the details of the saga. This fourth volume in the popular addictive Obsessed With series again includes an innovative scoring module right in the book so a player can select questions by number or at random and keep score. With 2 500 original questions covering little known facts entertaining quotes and tough trivia from all six episodes Obsessed With Star Wars will have readers dominating the galaxy in no time.

Our Take: Obsessed with Star Wars?  Yes...yes we are.  This feels like a support group!  Hi..my name is Matt..and I'm (gulp) obsessed with Star Wars!   In the past that would mean instant nerdom and isolation from your peers!  Nowadays, Star Wars is far more mainstream thanks to the prequels and very accessible for youth, thanks to the Clone Wars cartoon!  I dare say...Star Wars is cool!  It still may not win you a ton of points with the ladies..but its not the buzzkill that it once was!

We came across this great book that will challenge even the nerdiest of fanboys to their very limits!  2,500 questions, all uber-specific and in-depth.  I mean we're talking questions like:

How many levels does Pau City boast?
A. ten
B. fourteen
C. twelve
D. eleven

From more difficult questions like that to questions like.....

Who said "Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways, Lord Vader"?
A. General Tagge
B. Admiral Ozzel
C. Grand Moff Tarkin
D. Admiral Motti

This trivia book is sure to have stumpers for even the most serious of fans.  The electronic device asks a random question..you put in your answer and bam!  Its a lot of fun to do when you're just sitting around trying to kill a few minutes.  You could even have a few of your friends together to challenge each other!  The massive 300+ page book is perfect for anyone that east, breathes and lives Star Wars.  Even if you don't, you can learn a thing or two!

How to Buy: Amazon.com or the Chronicle Books Site

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