Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Upcycled Accessories: 25 Projects Using Repurposed Plastic

Upcycled Accessories: 25 Projects Using Repurposed Plastic

About the Book: Ever wondered what to do with all those plastic grocery bags you have piling up? Fusing bags to make plastic fabric that you then sew with is not an entirely new concept, but never before has a book improved upon the existing technique by giving you creative add-ins to make the finished pieces more unique with an added artistic flavor. You will be guided through instructions on fusing plastic, then through 25 stepped-out projects that feature techniques such as incorporating crayon shavings, paints, stencils and plastic tulle. The book also includes projects that feature collage, fabric appliqu? and permanent marker designs. The book marries two hot subjects: eco-craft and sewing, yet stands apart by focusing on using a genuinely recyclable material - plastic.

Our Take:  I'm just like everyone else in the world these days, trying to do my part to save our planet for future generations.  Well, there is a large movement, especially among the young, to repurpose everything.  This book tackles one of the most common items we all throw away....the plastic bag.  You know, the ones you put your groceries in.  The one every single store puts your new purchases in.  I personally get nearly one hundred a month. Before, I'd repurpose them in a mannerism I won't share here.  Let's just say a lot of mine made there way to a landfill courtesy of our catbox! 

This new book teaches you how to bond these old bags together to make them thicker and easier to deal with.  Not too difficult, I must say.  Once you can do that there are 25 projects to make.  First,  I suggest you tackle one of the straight forward and easy projects such as, the little robot toy.  After that you can learn to insert additives such as glitter, paint, tissue paper to make your plastic even more interesting!  I personally really loved the coasters. I mean, they are made out of plastic and keep your furniture free of rings!  They're Perfect, in my opinion.

All you need for the book's projects is some plastic bags from a grocery store.  I'd recommend getting a variety so you will be able to use a variety of colors, maybe some things for inclusion, basic to moderate sewing skills, a sewing machine is ideal but I'd say all of these could be done by hand. I don't recommend it though, as it would just take a bit longer and who has the time?! But, hand sewing has the advantage of adding more character to your project.

I must comment that I've seen a few of these projects as products in some major retailers. So save yourself money and do it yourself (DIY)! Being in fashion and saving the world all at once?! Go super woman!

-Holly, Book Legion

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