Monday, March 15, 2010

Tweet Nothings: The Lighter Side of Twitter Review

Tweet Nothings: The Lighter Side of Twitter Review

About the Book: ''What are you doing?'' These days, you're likely to be on Twitter, the online social networking phenomenon that keeps family, friends, and followers connected through those 140-character, er, Tweets. And frequented as it is by fun and funny people, Twitter can be hilarious. Here's your chance to laugh along with some of the most follow-worthy Twitterati around. Tweet Nothings, packed with sweet Tweets, is sure to delight you and your favorite Tweeple! ''My exes play hard to get rid of.'' ''My morning just fell on the floor butter side down.' ''I can't believe it's almost time to ignore the lawn again.'' ''Dr. Seuss should have written a book called 'Oh the Places You'll Settle For.''' Packed with hilarious Tweets by celebs, fake celebs, comics, writers, and everyday folk, this little book is a fun-filled celebration of social media sensation Twitter. Whimsical illustrations of birds (and one narwhal) throughout. Attached to this mini gift book is a 24K gold-plated charm, which may be kept on the ribbon bookmark or worn on a bracelet or necklace.

Our Take: You've seen those little books at the bookstore, haven't you?  The tiny pocket-sized 4"x3" books that have cutesy themes and fun quotes in them?  Well, this book, Tweet Nothings, is one of those.   Its a tiny $6 novelty book that basically features some really funny Twitter status quotes.  For example, one page says "What up WebMD?  Whaddya mean 'No Results Found' for Stigmata?.  Told you....funny.

What is this book good for?  No, its not a long its not a deep book, but its funny.  This one makes a great gift for anyone with a sense of humor.  Its also great for keeping in your purse or at your desk at work for a good laugh and to pass them time.  

How to Buy: the Peter Pauper website

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