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The Superman Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Saving the Day Book Review

 The Superman Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Saving the Day Book Review

About the Book: Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the latest illustrated handbook from Quirk hot on the heels of our bestselling Batman Handbook and just in time for the June 2006 release of Superman Returns.

The Superman Handbook shows readers how to channel their inner super hero and make the world a better place. No special powers are required (and you don't have to wear tights, either). Handy step-by-step instructions will teach you:
  • How to knock out a villain
  • How to stop a runaway car
  • How to jump in a single bound
  • How to find someone buried in an avalanche
  • How to tackle a runaway goon
  • How to enter a burning building
And much more, including a special section on practical skills (like 'How to fix a broken photocopier'). Complete with a mix of step-by-step and full-page illustrations, The Superman Handbook features everything you need to become a super hero. Up, up, and away!

Our Take: Ok...lets be frank here.  I don't like Superman.  So why, you ask, am I reviewing a Superman book?!  Whats the point of that?!  Allow me to explain...I'm a Batman guy.  I love Batman.  Always have.  In fact, I love Batman SO much that I involved myself in Batman fandom by starting a Batman website called Legions of Gotham ( back in 2003.  The site has since become very involved in influential in the Batman universe.  Heck, I was even featured in a Batman Strikes comic book!  Ok, so now you know why I dislike Superman.   What?  You still don't get it?  Okay, I'll further explain.  To me its always been one or the other.  They're such opposites...Batman is dark and twisty...Superman is brighly colored and a boyscout.  I named my latest son Lex after Lex Luthor, simply because he makes Superman's life difficult!  Oh yes, I'm that sad!

Now, Smallville has softened me to ol' Supes, to the point that I can actually start to find an appreciation for him.  The Superman Handbook was written by a pal of mine, Scott Beatty.  Scott also wrote the Batman Handbook from Quirk (which I highly recommend).  Scott is a great author and always finds a way to draw the reader in.   These rather cheeky superhero handbooks are a fun read.  I mean, when someone is deadpan explaining to you how to chase down and tackle a goon, you just have to chuckle. 

Bottom line...Quirk was smart enough to grab a huge comic book world talent like Scotty Beatty...that should show you that this book is no joke.  Ok, its kind of a joke..but in a good way.  If you like Superman, then you like this book.  If you like Superheroes or anything humorous, you like this book.  You like this book.  Buy this book or else!  You have been warned!

How to Buy: or the Quirk Books Store

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