Monday, March 8, 2010

The Spiderman Handbook Book Review

 The Spiderman Handbook: the Ultimate Training Manual Book Review

About the Book: With great power comes great responsibility—so if you want to be like Spider-Man, you'd better read the instructions first. The Spider-Man Handbook describes everything you need to live theSuper Hero life.

You'll discover: • How to Crawl up a Wall • How to Design and Build a Costume • How to Swing from Building to Building • How to Stop a Getaway Car • How to Negotiate the Release of a Hostage • How to Take On a Gang of Henchmen Plus a few skills that would benefit all the Peter Parkers of the world (such as How to Deal with a Nightmare Boss, How to Live on a Meager Income, and so on). Complete with colorful step-by-step illustrations by a top Marvel artist, The Spider-Man Handbook is essential reading for all your web-slinging needs! 

Our Take: Ok, these superhero handbooks from Quirk are hilarious.  We just reviewed the Superman handbook, and now we're going to delve into the other side of the block with Marvel Comics and the Spider-man Handbook.  Seth Grahame-Smith authors this handy guide with great illustrations by Carlo Barberi.

The book gives you great tips for the would-be hero like 'How to Treat a Radioactive Spider Bite' to 'How to Defeat a Shape Shifting opponant'.  Its everything an aspiring web-slinger needs to get off the ground!  These books are so great, they read like real manuals and take you through a cheeky look at what it takes to become one of the greatest Marvel super heroes. 

This one is a lot of fun.  Its great to read to your kids or to add to your collection if you're a nerdy adult comic fan (like myself) or heck, you just enjoy pop culture and want a fun read!

How to Buy: or the Quirk Books Online Store

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